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The only benchmarking system for retail & mall market


Our services

RIS had a variety of services who customer oriented for different types of customers. Whether you mange a shopping mall, a retail chain stores or you are a private investor, we have the tools to help you get a better understanding of the current market. 

Shopping Mall Escalators
RIS for Malls

As a mall manager or owner you can compare your activity with other competitors in your field. The information will help you know: where does your mall stand in comparison to the national average, how does your competitors affect you and what it is they're best field of expertise.  It will also help you set a price on rent and a lot of other functions. 

RIS for Retail Chain Stores

Our system allows you to compare your stores to others, in any mall, time or place you wish to - and with complete confidentiality. 

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Businessman holding briefcase, close up
RIS for Investors

Our system gives you any information you need regarding the retail business in Israel. Our database lets you see the macro-level changes in the industry, like what are the current trends, and also micro-level changes, like trends in sales of a specific mall. 


Our Team

Our teams composed of analysts who collects the data and produce the reports. We can help you find what is the best types of reports for you and what you can learn from them.


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