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Representatives/  Franchisee

Currently we are beginning to market the system to other countries, and are seeking local representatives or Franchisee in each country.


Who is suitable to operate the system
The ability to operate the system, and in particular the ability to obtain the consent of at least the 10 initial retail chains to share their data within the system, requires the following qualifications:
• Experience in retail chains and malls
• Connections with leading retail chains, as well as marketing capability
• A solid reputation and high degree of reliability


Lowest costs of operation
Since this is a highly sophisticated system, which receives ongoing technical support from the company headquarters located in Israel, one economist and one marketing and administration person are required to operate the entire system.


If you comply with the criteria mentioned above and are interested in receiving further details, we will be happy to be in contact with you.

You are also welcome to contact me by email or telephone +972-77-600-1704.

Sample report by RIS system

*The data are for illustration purposes only and do not reflect the reality.