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What Is RIS?


RIS system allows retail networks compare their sales to sales of competing networks, while maintaining full confidentiality.


For further information please see RIS presentation.




RIS is a system of benchmarking. RIS allows you to compare the performance of your network to your competitors, at every mall, location and time, while maintaining full confidentiality. Unlike the Interior network management systems such as POS system, ERP, inventory, etc.


How does it work?


RIS system receives redemption data of thousands of stores all around the country .

The redemptions transferred directly from the registers by using interfaces and processed according to the space and location, so that the data can be segmentation as revenue to Mr. Average, store, Mall, city, day, month, etc.

The deliverable is a report that shows your performance at your network, compared to the competitor's performance, according to the selected sections

It should be noted, that network chain will never be able to see another network chain data. The data competitive networks will be given as an average only. This will prevent damage to your data confidentially and theirs remains confidential.


For further information and sample reports please see RIS presentation.


Why networks transmit their sales data to RIS?


Nowadays, you know what is your performance inside your chained, however, how you supposed to get decisions and evaluate managements without knowing what happened at the industry? What is the average redemption at certain mall or location? Is it only your branch that is getting worse than before , or the others stores at this mall also getting worse? Which mall is better to open a branch at? Administrative issues and more.

Until today, without RIS, you simply couldn't know.



What do you get by using RIS?


Only if you compare the network redemption to your competitors and to the market, you will be able to evaluate correctly your shops, workers and performing, and making decisions according to that. RIS system will allows you to make better decisions with reliable information:

• Your network status compared with the rest of the industry networks

• Compare all of your shops to dozens of shops in the same shopping mall

• A location that requires special attention

• The success of promotions, events, etc.


Using RIS system promotes a more efficient management system network. This is why our clients have chosen leading grids, to build trust and communicate their sales data to us.


For further information please see RIS presentation.

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